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Stowe Holdings has positioned itself to be the supplier of choice in different markets within the open Information Technology (IT) industry and primarily in the IT Petrochemical sector. The Company provides solutions of Software development, as well as PC and Electronic site systems integration, relevant to our customers’ requirements of project research and development, product implementation, product support and maintenance.The particular successes achieved within the Fuel- and Oil-industry since the Company’s inception in 1989, provided a platform from which specialised services are also offered to other market sectors, such as specialist Electrotechnical supplies, Transaction switching, Point-of-Sale outlets and various other users of PC- and electronic-based solutions.


Stowe is one of the few companies I have come across that is very customer focused and not only to Shell, but to our transport customers as well

Service Level Performance


Total Calls: 3 254

Total SLA Calls: 3 007

SLA’s Reached: 2713

Average: 90%