Our nationwide footprint and service centric approach allows us to undertake a number of services for our clients including:

  • Product Roll-Out and Implementation

    • Allowing any software updates, hardware refreshers, version upgrades and site level projects to be undertaken on a local or national level according to a pre-determined time line.
  • Training

    • Product training can take place at site level or in a class room environment. Training is available from experienced trainers on NetPOS, NetACC, PEC, Retalix Storepoint, Winbranch and Namos software amongst others.
  • Vendor Co-ordination

    • On behalf our client, Stowe is able to manage all suppliers involved on a project including site normalisation, pump installation and other activities to ensure tight timelines are adhered to.
  • Project Management

    • Local or national projects can be co-ordinated by our team along short or long timelines. Our extensive experience includes software conversions (e.g. PEC to Namos), product integrations (e.g. Automated tank gauging), version upgrades and patches, hardware refreshers (replacing end of life hardware across a national network of sites) etc.

All activity on site is recorded on an electronic Job card system, providing the Projects team will real time updates on project status and any unexpected complications being experienced at site level. This facilitates accurate call closure and statistics on the success of a particular project.