Asset Management

Stowe’s procurement function is undertaken across South Africa as well as certain other Southern African regions, with regional warehouses close to our clients’ local branches or sites. We manage stock being installed at site, changed/replaced during maintenance calls as well as insurance and warranties on such items through our in-house Proprietary system. AssetWISE is a web hosted service that allows our client access to see real time reports of asset levels, warranties and other asset related information to better understand their own needs.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is of ever increasing importance as economic pressures create greater the need for tighter control and better negotiations and relationships with suppliers. Our clients may have direct agreements with specific suppliers, but Stowe manages the procurement, repair and warranties with these suppliers, keeping our clients informed of our processes and updating records within our proprietary Stock Management system.

Warranty Control

Many of our clients believe that a “swap out” policy with their sites is the best way to maximise up-time and reduce disruption to business. With this comes the complication of managing product warranties and repair history. Stowe removes this workload from our clients and manages it on their behalf, overseeing product repairs under warranty as well as assessing viability of repairs on items that may be end of life or uneconomical to repair.

In a service centric environment, Stowe is constantly assessing processes and refining our service to ensure that we are improving the experience for our clients. Stowe adheres to strict Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) with each of our clients, ensuring that their expectations are met and that their investment in Support and Maintenance can be evaluated and analysed for trends that may affect their business.