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Knowing that the corporate world is frustrated by many aspects of IT, we pride ourselves in providing the most practical and reliable technological solutions within the shortest time possible. Solutions that show real benefits for our customers. Since 1989, Stowe Holdings (Pty) Ltd has been providing PC-based software and systems solutions including research and development, implementation, remote product support via a 24 hour technical Help Desk and on-site maintenance to the open fuel and oil industry. We have a proud heritage of forecourt software support and we believe in talking directly to our customers’ needs.

A driving force in technology solutions

Our successes with the fuel and oil industry have led us to provide specialized IT services to other market sectors, including the stock market, amongst others. Today we implement products and services from Latin America to Central America, and from Africa to Europe.
Stowe Holdings works only with suppliers who share our commitment to excellence and professionalism, and who respect the complete confidentiality of each and every one of our clients. As professionals, we understand and respect the requirements of other professionals. That’s our business.

Stowe Positioning Statement

Over the last two decades, Stowe Holdings has positioned itself to be the supplier of choice in different markets within the open Information Technology (IT) industry. The Company provides solutions of software development, as well as PC and electronic systems integration, relevant to our customers’ requirements of project research and development, product implementation, product support and maintenance.

Focusing on the Fuel and Oil Industry, the company’s success has been in tailoring their product solutions to meet the clients’ needs. Our differentiation lies in our accreditation on all suppliers’ products, proudly working alongside partners and competitors to ensure the best possible service delivery for our clients. This success within the Fuel- and Oil-industry has provided a platform from which specialised services are also offered to other market sectors, such as the Stock Market, Point-of-Sale outlets and various other users of PC- and electronic-based solutions.

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Stowe’s Innovative Technology – Structured for your IT demands

As IT specialists, our Company’s technology division is structured to provide our customers with specialized services and technical solutions, seamless on-site implementation,and a full after-sales service.

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